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    Climbing Trees and Muddy Knees.

    As grandparents of twin boys during lockdown, like so many others, we missed our grandsons so much. We wrote this poem for them and I illustrated it just to make them smile and must admit it was great fun to do.I hope you enjoy it, and if grandparents as well, will appreciate the sentiment from during that time I’m sure.I must add of course we really missed our daughter and son-in-law so much too, lol. Digital Illustrations using Procreate on an iPad Pro Climbing trees and muddy kneesAre things we miss like crazy.Without you boys to run round withWe’re getting kinda lazy Those fun filled days will soon be back,And…

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    TV Appearances

    I have been involved in two television programs featuring the New Forest. A Wild Autumn Day – BBC 2 A wonderful program featuring the New Forest in autumn. Local people talk about their love of the forest at this special time of year, including myself giving an artists perspective. A Wild Autumn Day – Program Details “A look at the wildlife in the New Forest on an early autumn day. Red deer stags fight for a stake in the future while adders and common lizards face their last chance to find a meal before winter. And it’s also time for one of Britain’s answer to the Wild West, when local…