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Hero Hoverfly and Friends

Written and Illustrated by Claire Kitcher

Working on the Wonderful World of Wellies book in collaboration with authors, Lisa Esposito and Warren Glynn has really whetted my appetite to write and illustrate my own books. By chance I was talking to my lovely neighbours, when a hoverfly faced up to a bubble from a bubble machine. It followed the bubble until it burst. This was quite magical to see and was the inspiration behind…

Hero Hoverfly and Friends in the Bubble Monster Adventure

Join little Hero hoverfly and his friends, Daisy dragonfly, Willow wasp and Bumble bee in their very first adventure.

They are looking for fun but get far more excitement and mayhem than expected as they rush down to join in a birthday party.

Will little Hero live up to his big name and save the day?

This 32 page illustrated book was originally put together just for fun, with the intention of having a few copies professionally printed for friends, but it has grown into a real labour of love. It has been great fun to produce alongside my husband taking care of the technical side.

We are both really pleased with the finished result so are now actively trying to engage an agent and publisher to see if it can be taken further. In the meantime I will be working on more adventures with these characters and other ideas I have in mind.

Update: The first books are now back from the printers and we really couldn’t be happier with them. A huge thanks to in Christchurch.
These will be given out to friends and family, so are not available to purchase but if we do get a publisher, it will be posted here. In the meantime, the next adventure is underway.

Behind the Scenes

Plasticine models of all the characters really helped to set the scenes for each page.

Videos of the artwork evolving

For anyone interested in how the characters evolve & the pictures come together, here’s a few videos.
I hope you enjoy them.

Hero & friends waking up ready for their big adventure.
Intro sketch with my pencil.
A double page spread.