• Wonderful World of Wellies
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    The Wonderful World of Wellies

    Written by Lisa Esposito and Warren Glynn. Illustrations by Claire Kitcher Over the last couple of years, I have been working with children’s book authors Lisa Esposito and Warren Glynn on an exciting new project, the Wonderful World Wellies. Together, we have been developing a whole range of fun new Twellie Wellie characters, then illustrating the pages and producing the very first book in the Ollie and Ellie’s Outdoor Adventures series and getting it ready to print. The brief was very specific, the characters had to be fun and appeal to young children, but not too cartoon like. Background images had to be realistic and incorporate the authors’ big brown…

  • Children's Books,  Current Projects

    Hero Hoverfly and Friends

    Written and Illustrated by Claire Kitcher Working on the Wonderful World of Wellies book in collaboration with authors, Lisa Esposito and Warren Glynn has really whetted my appetite to write and illustrate my own books. By chance I was talking to my lovely neighbours, when a hoverfly faced up to a bubble from a bubble machine. It followed the bubble until it burst. This was quite magical to see and was the inspiration behind… Hero Hoverfly and Friends in the Bubble Monster Adventure Join little Hero hoverfly and his friends, Daisy dragonfly, Willow wasp and Bumble bee in their very first adventure. They are looking for fun but get far…