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Climbing Trees and Muddy Knees.

As grandparents and like so many others, we missed our twin grandsons so much during the lockdown. I wrote this poem for them and illustrated it just to make them smile, and must admit it was great fun to do.
I hope you enjoy it. If grandparents as well, I’m sure that you will appreciate the sentiment from that time.
I must add of course, that we did miss our daughter and son-in-law as well!

Digital Illustrations using Procreate on an iPad Pro

Climbing trees and muddy knees
Are things we miss like crazy.
Without you boys to run round with
We’re getting kinda lazy

Those fun filled days will soon be back,
And you can come and stay.
Then there’ll be Magic spells
and making smells, that will not go away.

And Di-no-saurs, they can name,
they can name a many
but please don’t ask me to repeat….
I can’t remember any!

Then it Building dens, face paints an’ pens,
forest runs and eating buns,
Finding mars, playing guitars
All put a smile on your face.

Then it’s jammies on,
and stories read,
Teeth, and cuddles,
and goodnights said.

You’ll dream away,
Some snore they say
For the long dark hours.
Then scoring Goals
And fighting trolls
Will test your super powers.

In the dawn, with a great big yawn,
And cuddles are completed
You’ll have your scrambled egg on toast,
ready to be eated!!