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    Hero and Friends

    Working on a book in collaboration with authors has really whetted my appetite to write and illustrate my own books. By chance I was talking to my lovely neighbours, when a hoverfly faced up to a bubble from a bubble machine. It followed the bubble until it burst. This was quite magical to see and was the inspiration behind… Hero and Friends in the Bubble Monster Adventure Join little Hero hoverfly and his friends, Daisy dragonfly, Willow wasp and Bumble bee in their very first adventure. They are looking for fun but get far more excitement and mayhem than expected as they rush down to join in a birthday party.…

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    Illustrated Children’s Book.

    Over the last 18 months I have been working with children’s book authors on an exciting new project. Together we have been developing a whole range of fun new characters, then illustrating the pages, and putting the sample books together. The books were sent out to various focus groups, edited and then sent out again. We are now at the stage of gaining endorsements before submitting to publishers. The book is aimed at young children, following the main characters and friend’s on their outdoor adventures. This encourages exercise and the use of imagination whilst appreciating the surroundings and identifying wildlife. Initial sketches were made in pencil and watercolour. The final…

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    Climbing Trees and Muddy Knees.

    As grandparents of twin boys during lockdown, like so many others, we missed our grandsons so much. We wrote this poem for them and I illustrated it just to make them smile and must admit it was great fun to do.I hope you enjoy it, and if grandparents as well, will appreciate the sentiment from during that time I’m sure.I must add of course we really missed our daughter and son-in-law so much too, lol. Digital Illustrations using Procreate on an iPad Pro Climbing trees and muddy kneesAre things we miss like crazy.Without you boys to run round withWe’re getting kinda lazy Those fun filled days will soon be back,And…