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TufTops Ceramic Cutting Boards

For several years I was the artist for Tuftops ceramic cutting boards. Although they are no longer available, I am still regularly contacted by Tuftop owners and proud to have been involved, the range of subjects required certainly tested my artistic skills!

The Sally’s Friends,’TUFTOP’ pictured above deserves to have a special mention.

Not only was it the best selling ‘TUFTOP’ in the UK, Germany & Canada, but it is very special to me.

The young girl feeding the ducks, is my daughter Sally (now a mother of two). The two ducks in front of her are Tilly and George, a couple of Call ducks that I had for a long time. Many of the Call ducks in the area, including some on Lymington river, can be traced back to those two. Four of the hens were ours.

The two ponies in the stable are, Briar and Bryony. Bryony the coloured one on the left, is New Forest x Welsh Cob and belonged to Sally. She was bred by us and was born out on the Forest. Briar (Yewtree Slipaway) on the right was my dear old pony, he was a registered New Forest. I raced him in the Boxing day point to point three times, winning our race in 1996. He loved the forest pony drifts (round ups), playing cowboys for the day. As for the location, well maybe one day!