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A New Forest Cattle Drive

Back in October 2018 I was asked by a commoner friend if he could commission a large oil painting. He has a large herd of cattle which run on the Forest that had to come in for TB testing. This meant driving them back to his farm on horseback. Of course I leapt at the chance as it is very rare to see quite so many cattle being driven across open forest and a great opportunity for a painting.

Photos of the drive

The view he wanted was from a vantage point near Burley overlooking the valley and the disused railway line. We knew this should work well as the cattle would string out along the valley making a fantastic spectacle. The building is an old railway cottage which has been rebuilt and modernised over the years.

Driving the herd were 5 riders including my husband and my husband’s cousin, riding my horse Rion.

Preliminary Sketches

In this post I have included the preparatory drawing, a few detail sketches and the finished piece along with some close ups. It did take a few months to complete, but I must admit that we were very happy with the result.

Early Stages of the Painting

As this was a personal commission, prints are not available I’m afraid but I hope you find it interesting.

Close Ups of the Finished Painting

The Finished Painting

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