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    Previous Commercial Work

    Much of my time has been spent on my own paintings and commissions, but I’ve been very lucky and have picked up various commercial and magazine work through the years. There are the many Tuftop designs, hand painted clock faces, logos, graphic design but here are just a few examples of interest. I have illustrated many articles for the New Forest magazine, which was always very varied and I particularly enjoyed the many different subjects. With an American publication called Canter magazine, I was honoured to have my painting on the front cover and an article about me, featuring in their first edition! And all the way from California, a…

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    Zuzu. Angels, Bells & Petals

    In 1999 I was approached by Mr Phillip Erklen, the President of the International Music Syndicate, regarding a “highly secret” project he was working on. He was in the process of planning a surprise tribute evening for the Actress Karolyn Grimes, who played the part of Zuzu Bailey in the classic film “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Mr Erklen was having a musical piece composed especially for Karolyn by Mr Phillip Keveren and asked if I would be interested in producing the artwork for the music score cover. I was honoured and thrilled to be involved in the event and was very honoured to receive a thankyou phone call and a…

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    TufTops Ceramic Cutting Boards

    For several years I was the artist for Tuftops ceramic cutting boards. Although they are no longer available, I am still regularly contacted by Tuftop owners and proud to have been involved, the range of subjects required certainly tested my artistic skills! The Sally’s Friends,’TUFTOP’ pictured above deserves to have a special mention. Not only was it the best selling ‘TUFTOP’ in the UK, Germany & Canada, but it is very special to me. The young girl feeding the ducks, is my daughter Sally (now a mother of two). The two ducks in front of her are Tilly and George, a couple of Call ducks that I had for a…